• Aludra Caradein

    Aludra Caradein

    A stout woman, well-suited for the work of an innkeeper, Aludra often performs the duties of a scullery maid yet is known by many as the "High Lady of House Arrow".
  • Arnak "The Craven" Stonereaver

    Arnak "The Craven" Stonereaver

    A deserter from a defeated and broken mercenary company, Arnak tried to steal from a temple of the Raven Queen, only to find himself tortured and brainwashed into her service. Now he fights for The Raven Queen to support the temple, a pawn.
  • Gygax Glinhelm

    Gygax Glinhelm

    “Gygax is another of the strange, dangerous men found at the Nocked Arrow, and Light willing, he will be for some time.” – [[:aludra-caradein|Aludra Caradein]]